EXTRAMILANO is a collaborative project by six extraordinary Milanese brands curated by Valextra.
An eclectic and diverse group that transcend nationality, age and gender: SUNNEI, Carolina Castiglioni’s PLAN C, Arthur Arbesser, JJ Martin’s La Double J, Massimo Alba and VALEXTRA.

EXTRA MILANO is a celebration of the community of independent thinkers and creative entrepreneurs who together are shaping Milan, embodying the diverse style of the city and its culture of spontaneous, selfless collaboration.
The project recognizes that the cross pollination of ideas and know-how among Milanese businesses is not a contrived marketing concept, but the way things have always been done: an innate system that has contributed to making this city so resilient and successful.

EXTRAMILANO demonstrates VALEXTRA’s holistic drive towards beauty, quality, functionality and innovation, combining tradition and contemporary inspirations.