THE POP-UP STORE IN KOREA From March 17th to 29th, Valextra landed in Seoul with an exclusive
pop-up store in the hearth of the Gangnam district, bringing the brand’s
experience to the city’s most vibrant and alternative go-to spot.
The Leather Spa The Valextra experience was complemented by an exclusive 6-day Leather SPA service: a real Italian master artisan serviced all clients who needed to clean, restore or repair their Valextra accessories, once again underlining the culture of craftsmanship and expertise that lies behind the brand’s impeccable quality. The Unbuttoned Party The Unbuttoned party introduced the new Fall/Winter 2016 collection. The event was attended by London-based artist Clym Evernden, who performed a live window-painting with his signature ink-based technique and sketched the guests’ black-on-white paper caricatures. Evernden also created a short animated video dedicated to Valextra and Seoul. From Milan to Seoul:
The Bar Basso aperitif
The brand’s Milanese identity was further enhanced by the authentic “aperitivo” (cocktail) experience by Maurizio Stocchetto, owner and bartender of the famous Bar Basso. The neon sign and the counter of the Milan-based historic location landed in Seoul to create the same vibes of the first cocktail bar to introduce the aperitif time in town.