Valextra makes its debut in Honolulu’s Ala Moana Center – the largest open-air mall in the world – with a project that reflects its quintessentially Milanese aesthetic sensibility and at the same time celebrates the archipelago’s unique features. With this new boutique – designed by Betty Ng of Hong Kong- based architecture Studio, Collective – Valextra is dedicated to balancing tradition and innovation, while enhancing the beauty of its products by entrusting international leading-edge architects and designers to rethink its boutiques around the world. A series of rotating floor-to-ceiling glass windows welcome visitors inside the store, whose interiors are characterized by a warm atmosphere of pastel colours inspired by the hues of the stunning beaches nearby.

As a nod to its open-air surroundings, the entrance of the boutique is not a single door that sharply separates the inside from the outside, but rather a series of rotating floor-to-ceiling glass windows, serving as a luminous entryway into the Valextra universe. This gate of light welcomes visitors inside the store, whose interiors are characterized by a warm atmosphere of pastel colours inspired by the hues of the stunning beaches nearby.

Valextra’s exquisite products are elegantly displayed on top of a progressive crescendo of Mutina’s three dimensional ceramic structures, referencing the majestic Diamond Head, Hawaii’s natural landmark, with an intense, custom shade of blue. Originally designed by British duo Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby, the ceramic elements have been reconfigured by the architect as a “mountain”, with a composition of local flora and bright green leaves embedded on both sides of the store, an additional tie to the dazzling natural beauty of the landscape. The project also includes the raw earth surfaces of Italian craftsman Matteo Brioni with modular blocks of different sizes, shapes and heights that serves not only as additional display counters, but also as benches for guests and customers. With this new opening, Valextra pays tribute to the Hawaiian sea and landscape, and to the architectural materiality of traditional Italian country houses. These combined elements demonstrate how the Milanese brand is able to remain true to its origins while constantly innovating.










Collective Studio is the International Architecture Studio that designed the first Valextra Store in Honolulu’s Ala Moana Center. The founder, Betty Ng, directs the Hong Kong – based studio together with Juan Minguez, Katja Lam and Chi Yan Chan. Before founding her own architectural practice in 2015, Betty has worked with Herzog & De Meuron in Basel and with Massimiliano Fuksas in Rome, moving to OMA at their New York and Hong Kong Offices, and later as Design Director with Rem Koolhaas at OMA Rotterdam, leading numerous projects all over Asia and internationally. Today she is a Registered Architect in the Netherlands, a RIBA chartered Architect in the United Kingdom and is an Associate member of the AIA, United States.