As a tribute to the 50th anniversary of the Moon landing (and an ongoing celebration of its own 80th anniversary), Valextra presents the VALEXTRAIZONLANDER, an otherworldly piece designed by Ross Lovegrove as an ergonomic boot, uniquely crafted in the brand’s iconic calfskin leather. With this new piece, Valextra travels through time and lands into the future, looking away from its classic roots to explore a more experimental territory. SHOP VALEXTRAIZONLANDER Ross Loegrove’s own unique aesthetic has served as a starting point for the collection. His signature style, featuring abstracted natural shapes and giving form to natural phenomena, is evident in the shoe’s ergonomic silhouette and in its experimental, unusual construction. His inspiration was Valextra’s leather expertise, and a desire to push the skills of the makers working in leather but to do so in keeping with the company’s engineered beauty, abstract minimalism and innovation.
It’s a collection which may appear different from the pure lines, essential geometries and refined shapes of the brand’s usual offering, but also one that looks back to its origins and at the innovative, engineered approach of its past.
Since years, Ross Lovegrove is one of the most prominent protagonists and players of the international design. Lovegrove’s language, which looks straight to the future with a regard for the present, is fluid, fresh, ongoing and most of all, strongly recognizable. Lovegrove is a giant of our time, who does not need any further definition. Lovegrove has worked in Germany and France on tech and furniture projects before returning to London in 1983 to set up his design practice. He has worked on design pieces for numerous international brands including Kartell, Herman Miller, Artemide and Issey Miyake. A multi award-winning creative, his works have been shown in institutions worldwide including New York’s MoMA, London Design Museum, Vitra Design Museum, and at the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris.