The iconic via Manzoni space has been through several aesthetic reinventions, in parallel with the company’s own creative evolution. By tradition, the brand hands over the store to a different architect or designer every year, merging its luxury leather expertise with the worlds of design, art and architecture. Each creative voice who added to the Valextra story has contributed to the brand’s evolution and strengthened its artistic legacy. The past four years have represented an aesthetic journey through conceptual interventions, and each project has unveiled a new moment in the brand’s growth.



The latest chapter in this creative narrative is a sum of these experiences and a return to Valextra’s original purity: after these successful visual experiments, their creative apex is represented by a new, complete vision for the space. The brand worked with John Pawson on a longer-term interpretation of the store marrying the minimal, clean elegance and restrained luxury of its minimalism with Pawson’s own philosophy of space. By choosing to collaborate with one of the ultimate pillars of contemporary architecture, Valextra combines its history with the philosophical stance of the architect, merging its heritage with Pawson’s own legacy. This intervention will act as a flexible canvas for Valextra, functioning both as a retail space for its products and as a gallery for a series of art exhibitions.



The space appears rigorous, monumental; this is an all-encompassing, pure architectural project which entirely redefines the scope of the store’s interiors. The vision of the intervention is not simply to create a container for the product, but a spatial narrative that enhances the experience of proportion, surface and scale. The architectural language of simplicity produces a gallery-like interior, whose charged character derives from the restrained use of colour and light.