For Fall/Winter 2018, Valextra presents an enchanted

place both natural and surreal, introducing a sense of fairytale into our daily lives.

A moment of calm, lightness and optimism that mixes nature and magic:

it’s a mythical forest of childhood fantasies, a call to return to our ancestral roots and live at a slower pace.






  A collection that merges minimal luxury

and rich visual influences  


Seemingly distant worlds collide for Valextra this season: the conceptual simplicity of Kengo Kuma’s installation

in the Milan boutique is populated by the brand’s sleek offering, and completed

by Italian artist El Gato Chimney’s extravagant illustrations, printed on scarves and t-shirts.

Radically different interpretations of nature are brought together

under one roof and united by Valextra through a collection that merges minimal luxury and rich visual influences. 



The bags feature geometric leather marquetry motifs characterized

by different chromatic combinations across three palettes, each one complemented by small,

vibrant pops of bright blue, yellow and red, like a charmed firefly momentarily resting

on these magical pieces to enhance and bring to life their precious geometries. 

A series of add-ons completes the collection, allowing each piece to change into infinite personalities at the touch of a magic wand.

Transformers such as leather shoulder straps, metal chains and woven ropes change the bags’ functionalities and aesthetic,

keeping them fresh and current season after season.

Each piece of the collection can also be dressed up with the new, double-face down feather duvets;

light jackets that protect the leather pieces from the elements and transform them into a distinctive aesthetic.

Available in three sizes, the duvets can be slipped over any model or size of bags, as well as backpacks for both men and women.