This month, Valextra unveils a new store design, created in collaboration with Chinese architecture practice Neri & Hu. Valextra’s store in Chengdu (China) is the latest in a series of creative collaborations which have enriched the brand’s aesthetic vision, merging past and future into a distinctive design journey. Chinese architects Lyndon Neri & Rossana Hu, conceived a new extraordinary design for the Chengdu store: a space with a unique character, the result of sophisticated and powerful aesthetic choices.


The boutique’s exterior appears as a Brutalist block of raw concrete, suspended and illuminated from the bottom for an eerie effect which emphasizes the strong tension of the void below. The façade is interrupted by vertical and horizontal openings, while the space is accessed through a circular entrance which invites visitors to discover the darkened space. Inside, materials nod to traditional Chinese architecture and the country’s urban landscape: curved tiles and recycled Chinese bricks nod to the surroundings while connecting nature and artifact, past and future. The store is divided into two main parts, the Library to the front, and the Reading Room at the back, each space unique and designed to convey a sense of quiet luxury.