APRIL 2018

Photography by Marco Pietracupa


When Milan is at its best, we’d like to share with you our favorite protagonists, projects and places. 

“I always dream of having a club, where everyone can come and relax, communicate and meet each other” Nina Yashar, at her Nilufar gallery, changes the space into a fun, intimate and relaxing club, made up of fabrics like velvet which dive you into a cheerful and tender beauty. And don´t forget to relax yourself at upper floor on the signature sofas designed by India Mahdavi, who’s behind the success of Sketchthegallery in London. This year the dream comes true.

Il duo di designer What is the future way of living the contemporary office? The design duo #MullerVanSeverer push their boundaries into multifunctional pieces. With “Wire S # 9”, a library with space for a nap, they lead to a reflection on the importance of rest during the working day. Who would say no to that?! Explore also the other rooms renovated by different designers, like #MarioBellini  with his multi-sensory installation that connects different parts of the office space like the human backbone.

The project conceived by #marazzi, is inspired by a traditional British Gentlemen’s Club. The space was designed using Marazzi 2018 Grande collection, and is comprised of five different functional rooms: meet the doorman at the lobby, take a seat at the open lounge, try the bites of chocolates at the café, explore the wunderkammer and of course, order a drink from the bistrot.


The “Arrangements” collection presented by Flos, designed by London-based designer Michael Anastassiades flow like contemporary poems and create a beautiful dialogue with the space around. Inspired by the “disciplines” in life and believing in designing “timeless” pieces , these “Arrangements” provide unlimited ways of combination to fit into any specific spatial and to invite people to communicate with each other.


A new overwhelming installation that focuses on the icon of the modern home, the kitchen island designed by Snarkitecture with partners with leading quartz manufacturer Caesarstone. They  investigates the “changing states” of water in the context of the kitchen island, as well as look at natural topography inviting people who walk into the installation to feel the transformation of the surrounded space.