Since the very beginning, Valextra has been known for mastering the art of crafting luxurious handbags. The most precious and exotic materials always fulfilled the desires of cultured, sophisticated and at times extravagant clientele. Historically, experimentation and passionate inquiry has led to the finest results. Besides crocodile also more unusual exotic skins were used, like sea-lion, hippopotamus and elephant. The obsession for quality inspires Valextra's approach to bespoke craftsmanship. From the selection of the best and sustainable leathers to the employment of the most refined techniques we treated, carved, sewed and shaped every material into the perfect bag. 



CRAFTSMANSHIP AT ITS BEST The long valued mastery of our artisans is revealed in a thoughtful selection of crocodile leathers and in the rigorous silhouettes of Valextra styles.
The skins are selected according to the bag dimension, in order to obtain the best suited cut.
Every bag is handmade in the Valextra factory by a dedicated Master Artisan, which follows the process end to end.


  CROCODILIANS Valextra uses three types of crocodilians.
The Porosus crocodile from Australia is the most valuable and rare. The scale is squared with the central point downward and increase in size towards the centre point of the skin. It shows a visible detachment from the central large scales to the side panel.
The Missisipiensis alligator originating from the United States is the most commonly used skin and characterized by rectangular and large scale, while the side of the animal shows smaller scales versus the central panel.
The Niloticus crocodile from Africa. In contrast to the Missipiensis skin the niloticus features a continuous scale from the centre to the side.



CROCODILIANS FINISHINGS We offer both shiny and matt finishings.
The Classic shiny finishing gives the skin a glossy shine. The skins is emersed in water, nailed to dry for 24 hours. It is then polished with agate stone, which leaves the skin glossy and rounded.
The Millennium finishing gives the skin a softer shine with a more natural touch and makes the scale appear slightly flatter than the Classic Shiny finish. The treatment doesn’t feature water or agate and the skins are worked as they arrive.
The Silk finishing gives the skin an opaque, soft and natural touch. The scale appears flatter than the Classic Shiny finishing. Similarly to the Millennium finishing process, also this one is performed as the skins arrive.


PYTHON Valextra introduces the python leather in 2019.
While this type of skin comes in a variety of scale sizes,
we offer it in narrow scales,
which are best suited for crafting small bags and small leather goods.
Even bleached, the smooth scales of the python
help to heighten the look of the bag,
adding texture that can be both seen and felt.


LIZARD What truly characterizes the Lizard skin is its small nature, with sizes that range from 20 cm to 35 cm.
This feature, along with its peculiar skin, makes it particularly suitable for small leather goods and clutches.
Valextra uses two types of Lizard skins. The Varanus Salvator, which has an Indonesian origin, and the Varanus Niloticus, from the Nile shores.


LIZARD FINISHINGS AND CUTS We use two types of tanning: the “stone tanning” maintains the natural pattern of the skin. The second process features a special whitening natural treatment that removes the natural skin color in order to prepare it for a uniform color dye.
The lizard skins can be used in leather goods production in both front cut or back cut, depending on the preferred aesthetics of the scales. The front cut is characterized by small size and uniform scales through the entire length of the leather. The back cut is characterized by big size scales on the middle part and small size scales in the side parts of the leather.



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