Iside Clutch

Nude Pink

The Iside Clutch introduces our iconic silhouette into a new setting. Crafted from our signature Millepunte calf skin in nude pink, this structured handbag captures both the sobriety and splendour of the city in which it was engineered. Inside, it is lined in smooth leather and features an internal card pocket to keep valuables within easy reach. Its strap, meanwhile, is both elegant and substantial, allowing it to be comfortably carried on the shoulder.

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  • A striking clutch bag crafted from our signature Millepunte calf skin in nude pink.
  • It has an internal card pocket and smooth leather lining.
  • Its short, substantial metal chain allows it to be worn on the shoulder.
  • Its clasp closure is elevated with a level leather insert.
  • Our signature foiled code, unique to the handbag and the person who made it, is internally embossed.
  • Valextra’s signature black lacquered Costa edges are painted by hand.
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