Iside Twirl Top Handle Mini Bag


Valextra’s Iside Twirl handbag is immediately identifiable as an icon of engineering beauty and here arrives with a top handle that has been 3D printed from recyclable nylon, highlighting Valextra’s constant pursuit of innovation alongside desirability. Crafted from our signature Millepunte calf skin in our multidimensional Valextra Black, it is finessed by our black lacquered Costa edging and our embossed foiled code that is unique to each handbag and the artisan who has crafted it. This mini size carries essentials only, making it ideal for a special occasion as well as minimal everyday ensembles.

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  • A versatile top-handle handbag crafted from our signature Millepunte calf skin in Valextra Black.
  • Its twirled top handle has been 3D printed from recyclable nylon.
  • Its gold-tone clasp closure is elevated with a level leather insert.
  • Its detachable and adjustable strap allows it to be worn across the body and on the shoulder.
  • Its discreet foiled code number is unique to the bag and the artisan who made it.
  • Valextra’s signature black lacquered Costa edges are painted by hand.
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