Tric Trac Bag


The Tric Trac bag is as contemporary today as it was in the 1960s when it was conceived and with its crossbody strap it is even more suited to someone on the move. This versatile wrist bag comprises the original central chamber that snaps shut with a click and provides ample room for everyday or evening essentials, while its concertina compartment features its classic zip closure and is completed with a paper insert for jotting down notes. Instantly recognisable as a design icon, no other bags compare to its innovative origami-esque construction.

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  • A versatile top-handle wrist bag crafted from our signature Millepunte calf skin.
  • It's adjustable strap allows it to be worn across the body.
  • Its central chamber opens like a doctors case and reliably snaps shut with a click.
  • Its additional zipped, concertina compartment features an note-pad insert.
  • Its discreet foiled code number is unique to the bag and the artisan who made it.
  • Its fine black Inchiostro - meaning ink in Italian - lines are handpainted by artisans using an ink formula unique to Valextra.
  • Valextra’s signature black lacquered Costa edges are painted by hand.
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